Preelection campaign has started in “Pilgrim”

In the nearest future in "Republic Pilgrim" the parliamentary elections - the preparations for this event have started. It's gonna take place straight after jubelation of 10th anniversary of the children's rehab center.

Self government in “Republic Pilgrim” has become one of components of the educational process long ago. The children learn to analise their own actions, actively get envolved in the life of the center, learn to be the leaders and help to the new kids to get to know the instructions to be followed within the center. very often the part of government has become those kids who have a good responce from the mentors and have good relationships with teachers, mentors and workers of the center. 

  Each kid in Pilgrim knows that it is a great honor to be a part of the government: beside the monthly salary in the amount of 500 piligrivnas they also have sort of priviledges and competences. That is why all the children take the following elections so seriously.

  They wrote their own programs and gave it to the electory committee and preelection race has started. The posters witht heir photos and programs are on the walls for everybody to be able to read them. Not only childrenof the Republic participate in the elections but  mentor and workers as well as all citizens of honor of the Republic Pilgrim.

  So everybody in the center is looking forward to the day of elections from when the life in the orphanage can start getting even brighter and more interesting.