French filmmakers in the “Pilgrim”

Today in the "Pilgrim" filmmakers were filming a documentary. French director Frederic Kusso and screenwriter Blonde Yuk arrived in Mariupol to make a film about our city. They were interested in the work of children's rehabilitation center "Republic Pilgrim”. With a great interest they communicated with children, and also recorded an interview with Pastor Gennadiy. 

Mariupol was a point of interest for the French filmmakers, primarily as an industrial city, and a documentary will highlight mainly this subject. “Mariupol – an interesting city, but unknown to most people. In our country, we no longer have cities like that, and I think we lost something. “

However, the experience of the charity fund “Pilgrim” with difficult teenagers has also interested French filmmakers. For two days they were in the children’s center, one of which they had an interview with pastor Gennadiy, and second they filmed teenagers. The pastor shared with the guests some stories from the lives of kids, telling how complex their lives used to be and telling that the main goal, to which we must strive to work with them – is to find them a real family.

A separate issue that French filmmakers have asked the pastor – is it possible for families from Europe to adopt children from “Republic” Pilgrim “. They believe that after watching the finished movie in France will be those who would adopt Ukrainian orphans. In addition, according to Frederick and Blonde, a film about Mariupol may cause some interest among French investors.

Director and screenwriter promised that after the film will be done they will bring it to Mariupol. Also, French director Frederic Kusso, and screenwriter Blonde Yuk plan to present this documentary on international film festivals.