From a homeless guy from an ATO zone to a minister of sport of «Republic Pilgrim»

Artem is now 11 years old and he lives in Pilgrim for a year already. Earlier in his life a boy lived in a village Mirny with his mum. His mum had problems with alcohol addiction so Artem spent his free time wandering on the streets, being all too himself and having no appropriate care. When the war in East Ukraine started, a situation in a boys’ family didn’t change much - he was seen on the streets even while there were bombings!

At that moment Artems’ dismayed neighbors and school workers asked volunteers from the «Church of Good Changes», who provide material, physical and moral support for citizens of an occupied village, for help. 

Having all the details approved with boys’ mother, a decision to take a family to Mariupol was made. There a mother decided to have a cource of rehabilitation from an alcohol addiction and Artem was decided to stay in a «Republic Pilgrim» for that period of time. 

A boy quickly got used to peaceful life, adapted to life in a new company, became interested in sports, especially football. Thanks to that, he got his immunity stronger and because of that he gets ill rarely. It’s still difficult for him to study well because he never studied properly before, but he is trying to do his best.

His mum had recovered and now lives with her relatives, but as her life is not stable enough yet – she can’t take the boy home, but all the teachers and educators believe that the family will be able to unite soon. 

Artem is not in a Pilgrim’s Government yet, but as he says, for the next elections he would like to become a minister of sport.