Graduation of new generation of pilgrims

Every year many children from the "Republic Pilgrim" children are graduating, and not only graduate from school, but also successfully complete the path of rehabilitation and are ready to return home. If, of course, there is where to return.

Often teenagers are ready and would like to return home, but because of the plight in their families they often have nowhere to go. Therefore, they remain at the center of child rehabilitation before graduation from school, or before entering secondary or higher education institutions, or until the situation in the family is resolved. 

Tatyana Karpukhina, director of the Center of Child Rehabilitation «Republic Pilgrim» : “This year we can rightly be proud of our graduates, because among them there are solid beauties, activists and the real future of our country. It is especially valuable that for the first time they crossed the threshold of the center as children in conflict with the law, with various addictions, like homeless vagrants who completely abandoned their studies. And the more joy from the cardinal changes in their destinies “.

Children learn to study, take the first exams, receive the first certificates. Educators and teachers, investing in their re-education a lot of strength, time, warmth, believing that they will adequately pass and further future life exams. Pilgrim becomes a real launching pad that they did not have in their families, here they get acquainted with high standards and rules, take an active part in the life of the church, acquire loyal friends there, which will undoubtedly influence their future life and environment.

Tatiana Karpukhina: “This is always a very exciting moment. We always tell the children that, whatever they are, “Pilgrim” is their home, and they can come to talk at any time, drink tea, get support and inspiration. Many guys do come and that makes us very happy. We see through the time that they achieve and achieve, it’s nice that they do not forget about us and thank for the timely instructions. “

A new generation of pilgrims who leave the house of the children’s republic, we wish new victories and a good decent way in life.