I feel myself a scoundrel

“White on the Black”. The journal of the pastor – pilgrim about the next trip of the team of white Muzungus to the Black continent.

Having made our team much smaller (for a number of reasons) we headed to Kakumu from the Lodvar desert. It is even deeper into sans and the heat is 122̊ F ( it was the fact on my portal thermometer). It took us almost 4 hours to get to a small town where one of the biggest refugee camps is located. It was illegal to enter it as it turned out (we could have been detained until the circumstances) but I will leave the shocking details aside. The place is surely rather dark. Several hundreds of people at the territory separated into ethnic sections, could not come back to their homeland, they have no right to leave the camp. We saw on our way something about what we just read in newspapers till that day: Children on the road in the desert try to stop cars asking for some water to drink. I had in my flask just a minimum to survive till the village – a liter and a half. So we had to drive by trying not to look into the children’s eyes… I realized that right now I can hardly help them, but later… any way I try my best to avoid children’s glances and feel myself such a scoundrel… When we distributed food in the village with hungry people we headed back. This time on our way back to Lodvar we bought several boxes of water and filled in a couple of big reservoirs. We stopped and gave it away to the kids… It is clear it is not enough for them all and it is not a solution of the problem for sure but at least somebody will have a good day today. And I felt not so despicable any more. I hope to come back here one day and to support the digging of the well. It is very deep here and very expensive.