Children are with pigs in the trash

“White on the Black”. The journal of the pastor – pilgrim about the next trip of the team of white Muzungus to the Black continent

Within several nights we have been organizing night raids with the team (it is so familiar to me from many years of practicing it in Mariupol Pilgrim life) around the streets of the town we stayed at. The sight is not for the faint of heart… even for me, “deep file”, it was too much at times…. The day before yesterday on having distributed two hundreds of blankets to boys and girls who sleep on cold cement floor on the sucks where grains used to be we were already heading back but all of a sudden the quietness was interrupted by the cry of Hannah (she is our coworker and survived genocide in Rwanda when she was a little girl.) When asked what had happened she answered that took some step aside from the team (what was forbidden in such dangerous night raids by the way) she saw a little guy who was sleeping inside of the trash pit. We decided to turn back there to the center of the town where literally 120 yards from the local (comparatively luxurious supermarket) we found that place where she had seen that dreadful scenery. It was more than awful – children were there in the middle of all that trash.. There was a lot of rotten food there and when I grabbed one kid I fell almost to my knees into that rotten stuff which produces some warmth this is why the kids found the place and stayed there at nights. Special “coloring” to this already very dark picture was a flock of pigs that were sleeping at the same place alongside with the children. It hurts…. I normally take a very long shower after such raids… It seems that not only body gets filthy but all my nature… the whole heart…