Children that decay alive

“White on the Black”. The journal of the pastor – pilgrim about the next trip of the team of white Muzungus to the Black continent

When we went to an area called here “Mount Elgan” the girls from our team led to me some kids whose hands looks horrific. It seems their hands were decaying and falling into parts. The whole body looked the same. The medical experts who were with us there confirmed that they need immediate hospitalization and urgent medical intervention. Our team has decided right away to sponsor the medical service for these kids. The children’s parents turned out to be quite decent Christians who were hosted temporarily by the local church in a small barn that is right by the church building. They tried to cure the little guys but the situation was getting worse and worse month by month and lead to these dramatic consequences. The team mates from our African landing troops made a decision to buy a small clay house (all houses here are like that) with a small land around for the children after hospital to come back not to the barn but to comparatively acceptable dwelling. The doctors said that everything that had been in that barn is to be liquidated. The disease was the work of an acarus (harvest bug) which eats up a human alive. Beside serious treatment in hospital the kids need complete change of living conditions for them not to fall sick again and not to be eaten alive. & yards from me the delegation of our team is sitting right now and discussing with the pastor of the local church the question of the purchase of the house for this family. The children were washed and given new clothes to put on in order to be taken to hospital. Here is one interesting episode from this story. Being busy with a lot of stuff to do with the local kids knowing what the team has just decided came up to the father of this family and asked him: “ Do you already know about the new house? – New house?.. Oh yes we will have a New House! – he answered to me and to Peter Dudnik pointing towards heaven. – No, friend, not only in heaven, you are going to have a new house here on earth as well,- Peter and I laughed out loud. And here is the final part of the story. The guys who were just discussing the question have come up to me and said that beside the hospital expenses covering they are going to buy for the kids a piece of land 55-110 yards! And there is a small house on this piece of land. And more than that, they have decided for the beginning to buy some hens for the family to have their economy and also some furniture for the house! So now the children have place to come back to from the hospital! Such little holy things go on here with us frequently on a daily basis. It is so incredible!