“White on the Black”. Leaving for up to the sky!

The journal of the pastor – pilgrim about the next trip of the team of white Muzungus to the Black continent

I am leaving there to the top of the continent for the sake of my dream – Russia, Ukraine, Africa and the World without orphans. Next morning we are to be at the footstools of Kilimanjaro from where we will try to conquer the highest mountain of Africa. Kilimanjaro is 19340, 6 Ft high and it is quite serious height. So I am asking you to pray for me and my sons ( Slava, Sergey and Andrey are coming with the in this fight) and also for all our team. Beside us here is also Ruslan Maluta, a coordinator of the alliance “World without orphans”, two amazing brothers from our church and one American guy. I presume there won’t be internet connection anywhere soon but I am going to journal all through the expedition and if we survive at the ascension I am going to publish it when we come down. Former street kids of Ukraine and Mariupol are heading towards the mountain top of the black continent for the sake of the dream “Africa without orphans!” This is a prophetic action. Mountain action!. Till soon, friends. Your prayers are so appreciated!!!!