“White on the Black”. Saying good-bye to my black son.

The journal of the pastor – pilgrim about the next trip of the team of white Muzungus to the Black continent

Among the full of emotions 10 days of our trip the last day is the toughest for me… not only because I have to say good bye to the team I got attached to since we have experienced together so much in our frontline work here in the spiritual fire…. It is so hard for me because I need to say good bye to my adopted African son Hillary… This time I gave him a special gift… I took him with us to our way back to Nairobi… I t was his first time in a big city, first escalators in his life, first big houses and even first in life toilet with automatic flashing..!!! It was fun!!!))) But the main surprise for him was our brief trip to the national park Nakuru!!! The boy grew up on street and despite of the fact it is Africa he still has never before seen a giraffe or an elephant or a rhino… So this day before we left was like piece of paradise for him!!! And then tears of farewell that can not be described in any words…. Bye, son, keep strong,… we will be back soon!