“I was a stranger and you received Me…”

Thousands of people from Donetsk and Lugansk areas who were involved in the war conflict suffer the hardships and tests of refugees and forcibly displaced persons. They left their apartments or houses ruined by the war losing practically everything, saving their lives and the lives of their children and dear ones. Overnight they were left without a job, place to stay and any means for living. The charity fund “Pilgrim” didn’t stay aside from the plight of our compatriots and has been trying to render the help to the afflicted families for over a year now.

Due to the tough situation in the East of Ukraine a big number of people have to leave their homes, families are left without any money to live on and need help. The charity fund “Pilgrim” renders the support of all kinds and the help to the forcibly displaced people including financial, moral help as well as the help in getting their kids enrolled in schools and giving them the place to stay. The first facility for refugees is full of people. Since the stream of people from the occupied territories of Donetsk and of Lugansk areas hasn’t ceased people still come asking for help and thus in the charity fund “Pilgrim” it was decided to restore a building given to the fund that needs renovation for receiving here more displaced people as well as seniors who have nobody to take care of them.

This facility was given to the charity fund “Pilgrim” a year and a half ago however it was impossible to fix it and to make it convenient for living in. It was in a very bad condition. But nevertheless several people moved in at once and started fixing it step by step. Within this time the trash has been taken out by several trucks from here and they water pipes were installed as well as canalization, the windows were put in and the rood was made, the heating in the half of the facility is made, and the walls were plastered.  

The renovation works haven’t been completed yet but 10 people already live in the building and they go on fixing it. In the nearest plans: to complete the remodeling of the toilet, shower, hall, cafeteria and bedrooms.

 Aside from the building works the new tenants do some farming: they have several piglets and ducks and a vegetable garden. They’ve picked the harvest and made pickles for winter.

 The workers of the fund hope to complete the renovation of the facility and to use the building in full.