Anton Kopytin: It is really important for me to be able to realize God-given gift.

It was such a joy for everyone when the dream of Anton Kopytin came true!  His life after he won the Ukrainian project started flowing as a turbulent river! We are asking Anton what is going on in his life right now.

– Good day, Anton! From multiple posts in mass media about you we know that your life is getting settled step by step!  Praise God! But we would love to look behind the scene so to say of your creative life! Tell us please how your life has changed after the victory in “the Voice”? 

–  After the project I received a big number of calls with invitations, in particular, to the USA. I tried my best to find time for all. I had a great number of charity and social events. It is very important for me to be in demand and to be able to realize the God-given gift.

– We all understand that you have to make sacrifices for the sake of participation in all the project. What is the hardest to put up with?

– To take part in a project takes all your time. You must understand that it will be necessary to sacrifice your job at times and sometimes time with your family. But the most important thing is that all these sacrifices turned out to be not in vain!

–  What  have you don’t within your trip to the US and who is in your support team? Are your hopes justified and what results do you expect at the end of the trip?

– I got to the US after I was invited by the Ukrainian Relief in the person of Vlad Scots and Sergey Vronsky. The guys did their best for this trip to take place. They solved all the issues with papers as well as all domestic questions. They surrounded me with care and attention. In other words, they do what they can for me to feel perfectly well here.

But the most important is that the Ukrainian Relief has been doing here an enormous work to help the Ukrainian army and those people who found himself in distress. In general in the USA I have a great number of amazing meetings with wonderful people. Surely I would love to come here again and to bring joy to the public here through my songs.

–  Do you plan to take much time to the tour around Ukraine?

– Due to the events in Ukraine the situation with the Ukrainian tour is not so safe. But I actively prepare new songs and I have quite a lot of concerts in different parts of the country.

–  Did you do or are you doing any charity work?

–  I do take part in different charity events all the time, starting with visiting rehab centers, hospitals, prisons and finishing with the mass concerts at the city squares where the audience can contribute to the fundraising to those in need.

–  Very often in the social networks  we can see the posts about you by Gennadiy Mokhnenko! 

– Gennadiy Mokhnenko is most of all my pastor and surely he is my brother and friend. Once I was in quite a hard spiritual situation, he  took care of me and invited me to take part in the ministry of the Church of Good Changes. In this very church God maximally blessed me and my ministry. I try my best not to miss a single invitation or request from him to support any charity project. He is real hero of Ukraine.

–  And traditionally what would you like to wish to the readers of

–  I would love to wish to the readers of  to have peace in their hearts, homes and the countries they live in!

–  Thank you, Anton, for the interview and that you found time regardless of your busy schedule. Blessings to you in your creative work!

And I thank you for the questions and big thanks for the blessings, I receive them all!

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