The refugee kids in “Pilgrim”

Due to the war conflict going on in the east of Ukraine, many people lost their homes, lost their dear people and had to leave their places. Mariupol as a city by the frontline has received many displaced people. A lot of families with kids started to settle there from zero and it is an incredibly hard task. The center of children’s rehabilitation “Republic Pilgrim” has also got into gear with the displaced people.

In such a way Dima found himself in Republic Pilgrim, a difficult teenager. His single mother completely lost any control of him. Dima was very disobedient, stole things, ran away from home. His Mom worried for her son so much because around them the artillery weapons were heard. As a result this woman with two kids had to leave their own town – Gorlovka and to go to a place where there’s peace. In Mariupol they had tough times too because they had to start everything from nothing: to get the kids enrolled in nursery and school, to find a new job for her, place to stay. It all took so much time that she lost any control of her elder son Dima since he didn’t get a due attention from her. He started running away from home and stealing. His Mom realized that she can’t cope with him herself and came to Republic Pilgrim for help. Within the last 6 month this wild, incredulous, suspicious, disobedient child has changed a lot. Dima stopped stealing, lying, started hearing and obeying his teachers and mentors. The change of the emotional background and the surroundings has influenced the boy very much and it showed again that children are to live in peace and their shocks must be only positive.

Olya with her Mom also moved from Gorlovka. They ran away from shells and other terrors of the war. They were left almost without any means for existence.  Unfortunately, her mother was hospitalized and the girl was left on her own and after that the social care service turned to the Republic Pilgrim for them to take the girl in until her Mom feels better. Olya loved it in Pilgrim at once. And when her Mom left hospital she asked her if she can stay in the children’s center because she found many friends here and a new school. The girl is going to stay in “Pilgrim” until peace comes and her family can get back home.