The state of former street kids is in Odessa

After winter camp in Odessa the pilgrims made good friends there – the Prilutsky family from the Victory Church. And now they have helped to organize the summer recreation for the children of the center of children’s rehabilitation “Republic Pilgrim”. The kids could enjoy Odessa and the shore of the Black sea for 2 weeks. Beside the goal to temper and to improve health of the kids there was an important goal to obtain some tourist skills and to learn to survive in extreme conditions. Such rehab tourism is an important part of restoration of a person’s identity.

The Director of the center  “Republic Pilgrim” Tatyana Karpukhina: “ We were received in a very friendly way and everyone we met were trying to support, to encourage, they all spoke in good words about our work and situation in our city and they wished us good and soonest restoration of peace”.

 The pilgrims made so many new friends, they also had a chnce to meet local authorities of villages and local businessmen who responded to coming of “Pilgrim” and helped to organize the entertaining program. Due to their help the guys could visit dolphinarium, the Opera House, circus, aquapark and went to see military boats of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and rode water surfs in Wake Park.

The pilgrims also visited some city excursions; they walked a lot around Odessa. They visited main sightseeing. At the very end the pilgrims gave as good as one gets – they have prepared a farewell program with contests and gifts for locals and guests of the city.

 It was an unforgettable journey, the program full of events, lots of swimming, water games, competitions, field trips and sitting by the fire. The guys got a whole bunch of positive emotions and truly fell in love with Odessa and its people.

The state of former street kids “Republic Pilgrim” expresses great thankfulness for the help in organizing this summer holiday for the kids to Khasayev Rhasan, Bilan Vitalii, Shershenetski Vladimir, sabatin Oleg, Kislovski Andrii, Udalov Sergii, Gulyayev Vasilii and other people who cared about the kids who came and rendered all the help we needed!