Pet therapy for the kids with special needs

The Vasilenko family serves children with special needs. They have been living in their new house in The Pilgrim Village for the second summer now. Now they have the opportunity to be engaged in farming and to arrange well life and this is what greatly improved the psychological state of the children and in general impacted the lifestyle of the adoptive family.

From now on the friendly family has everything needed to grow their own vegetables and to make pickles and other food for the winter times. There are also chicken and ducks in their little farm as well as many domestic animals which are so loved by everyone there. They were unable to have pets in their narrow apartment but now they greatly recompensed it. They have intention to use the animals not for the sake of beauty – they attract them for the pet therapy – when the animals have a beneficial effect on a person they improve their psycho – emotional state.

 The house is relatively new but it needs renovation. They plan to launch in a new stove and to fix the part of the roof. Also they plan to make decorations, to put the new doors and to render plumbing works. All the necessary materials for that have been already purchased and this is why shortly the house will be much more comfortable.

 The head of the family also has some long term plans like – to make ground, to fix the roof, the façade and to insulate one of the walls. And also since they started doing some farming they need to put a cellar in a proper state to keep the food there.

The family plans to build one more room to the house, to finish the renovation and to adopt some more kids with special needs.

Vlada Vasilenko, the adoptive mother:” We’d love to adopt some more kids but due to the state of the house and its size it is impossible yet. But we already have a foundation for the additional room so we plan to build it and to take some more kids to our family”.