The adoptive family Kovalenko is renovating their house.

2 years after the purchase of the house in “Pilgrim village” the adoptive family Kovalenko could finally move in. The family has 4 kids, 2 of them have finished 1 st grade in school this year. The youngest daughter is still in the nursery school. In their garden they have a special playground and even their own small house and a tiny vegetable garden.

The process of renovation was of such a big scale that it was hard to move in before the end of basic works this is why they had to wait for so long. The biggest part of the remodeling works was done by the adoptive father himself.

Larisa Kovalenko:” We are so happy to finally move in our own house. After the purchase of the house they started doing renovation because the children are very little and the house was not ready for that. So they were living in the city apartment and the last year they were hosted by another adoptive family of Miroshnyk. They decided to stay at their house because there are 2 1st graders in the family and it will be hard to change schools later on. The renovation took so long because the father of the family also works at metallurgical plant and of course the finances don’t allow doing everything at a time”.

Presently the house from inside is completely transformed – all the windows were replaced, tiles, decorations, part of the furniture was already purchased and also the sanitary engineering has been done. There are still minor unfinished works – it is insulation from outside for the kids not to be cold in winter and also the furniture for kids still needs to be bought.