The Voice of Ukraine 2015 has become former Mariupolite, a minister of “Pilgrim” Anton Kopytin.

Anton Kopytin, a famous classic singer in Mariupol and Donetsk, has become famous all around the country. The Ukrainians in their vote of the project “The Voice” gave their preference to Anton – a Christian with three kids.

Anton Kopytin at the time before the war was working in Donetsk as an entertainer in the regional Philharmonics. However he made a decision to leave Donetsk with his pregnant wife and 2 little kids when the crowd of armed rebels passed through his home.

 On moving with his family to the countryside by Kiev Anton would do any kind of job but he couldn’t stop thinking about the solo career. Anton himself was not going to take part in any shows. But his friend gave his contact to the administration of the project “The Voice” (it is called “The Voice of Ukraine” here), he received a call and decided to test his talent. But he didn’t believe he could win.

According to the rules of the show there were only 4 singers in the final – 1 of each coach of the project. In the first tournament of the final each of the finalists sang a solo song and after that the vote started. In the final part of the super final there were only 2 of them Anton Kopytin and Tatyana Reshetnyak. The audience preferred the guy from Donetsk. Mariupolites are so excited about the victory of their native man because his career he was building on the stages of Mariupol.

Pastor, president of the Charity Fund “ Pilgrim”, the adoptive father Gennadiy Mokhnenko congratulated Anton on behalf of many people. “I saw many times street kids becoming the conquerors of the mountaintops and champions of Ukraine. I saw a former addict becoming a winner of “The National Hero of Ukraine” award and adoptive father for 11 kids. And now among these my happiness attacks (to get this term you better listen to my sermon with such a name) one more – Anton Kopytin!!! My congrats, brother! There is so much joy in the prisons of the Donbass where you were ministering with your songs so many times and in “Republic Pilgrim” who took part in the concerts with you! We all celebrate your victory!!! And we thank you that you let us have a break of war at least for the brief time. The Ukrainian traditional song “Two colors” that was sung by the voice from Donbass and won the super final nullifies all the questions: Donbass is Ukraine!!!!