The pilgrims at the datcha.

The holiday house project “Datcha” of Republic Pilgrim had started only 1 year ago but within this year so much was done. The house itself and the front yard were significantly improved, the vegetable garden is ennobled, they planted fruit trees and bushes and made a flower-bed. And special reason to be proud of is “the banya” (sauna) which is being built.

Recently they made the first picnic which was a starting point of the Datcha season. Both kids and their mentors were preparing the tables with a special joy.

Tatyana Karpukhina, the director of “Republic Pilgrim”: “We are looking forward to the great harvest. Exactly! Already this year. The kids were trying their best to plow, to fertilize, to sow, to plant. I hope that alongside with the vegetables there will be the other fruit of their work too. They learn to do many new things in their life and they can use it in future. And we believe that work helps to ennoble a person”.

The weather let us start planting actively just recently but we have already sowed reddish, pumpkin, onions, and lots of veggies. According to them this is just the beginning.

Beside the agricultural issues the pilgrims solve significant challenges of their republic. They government of the republic gather here at datcha and it has become a good tradition to sit at the negotiation table after the hard working day.

The datcha has unexpectedly become important and valuable resource in the work of the center. The kids learn how to work, get new skills and experience. Though the most of kids are city guys they show much interest in this new activity. It gives you the feeling that you can grow your own food, then cook it and serve, it makes them feel like grownups – those who can be responsible, can develop their potential and take care of those around them.