Chaplains on the battle line

The "Day" newspaper begins to publish a series of reports from battle line places of Donbass.

A minibus fully loaded with food and clothing almost up to windows, is going on a trip to places around the town. This is how Albert Khomiak’s, the Interconfessional Chaplains’ Battalion’s member’s, starts almost every morning. Albert defends Mariupol actively for a year.

Initially he had to build checkpoints, then to hold them, but now the man brings aid to those people thanks to which there is no need to defend the native town themselves.

“We built the first checkpoint with the pastor of our church, Mohnenko Gennady, and his sons”, – says Albert. “We did all works on our own. When the military left Mariupol last spring, in the middle of the night my friends and I went to the checkpoint near Shyrokyno not to leave it without defence. However, I cannot imagine what would happen if there had come separatists. We did not have any guns. You could only fall under the tank and shout: “I will not let you in!”. Fortunately, the Azov battalion arrived to change us in a few hours. Now we bring support to guys to checkpoints. We gather things at the Church and among all those not indifferent. Some people need food, some people need medicines, and some need just words of support. We help with what we can, and pray for them every day, “- says Albert.


Today Mr. Albert is going on a trip not alone. Fellow volunteers from Zaporizhzhya came from the “Temple” charitable organisation to support him. They usually go to the Donetsk direction, but today they decided to change the route temporarily.