In Republic Pilgrim paying tribute to defenders

The celebration of the day of the defenders of fatherland was really unusual in Republic Pilgrim. february 23rd this year was bright due to the initiative of the girls and all the boys were more than delighted.

The Principle of th ecenter Tatyana karpukhina shared with us that strangely enough it wasn’t idea of the adults to do special preparation for the day, it was purely idea of the girls They made it so fun even without addressing to the mentors for help.

They made a fancy poster with photos and  personal poems for each boy living in the center.

The girls also signed cards, made wallpapers for the boys, composed some funny songs about the boys, bought sweets for the banquette, decorated the hall and the tables and, here we go – the girls have made a big cake on their own!

So there is a challenge for boys  – not to let the girls down in the 8th of March when all Ukraine will celebrate – International Women’s day!