Gennadiy Mokhnenko has celebrated his birthday in “House of bread”

On February 27th 2011 the pastor of the Church of Good Changes in Mariupol, Ukraine, Gennadiy Mokhnenko has celebrated his birthday in the church “House of bread” in Sacramento, the USA, - the Christian portal with the link on The House of bread informs.

When asked by Alex Shevchenko if there is something Gennadiy would like to change in his life having turned 43 Pastor Mokhnenko answered directly: “ I don’t want to stay 25 year old boy, I am glad that I am getting older because being old is a blessing and wisdom”.

Gennadiy was preaching his sermon under the title “The Spirit of Almighty God Who is in details of our lives”.  The name of God mentioned above was created referring to Psalm 33:15 “He who forms the hearts of all, who considers everything they do”.Think more often about the Almighty nature of God and how great He is, – Gennadiy called on the audience. One can’t help admiring the beauty of creation that surrounds us. The crown of God’s creation is us, humans created by the image of God. That is why the most important need of a man is attention and love.

“ Mental hospitals are overfilled with people who had a lack of love, significance and attention. None can love a person as much as they deserve it and as much as they would like to be loved. Only God Almighty goes into details of life of each and everyone, – Pastor shared.

Being raised in the family of alcoholics Gennadiy is familiar with loneliness not by hearsay. He also needed love, attention but it never happened up until God revealed Himself to him. Each life is important for God. Each person needs to know that Heavenly father loves and understands him. God answers the prayers of each even fallen people.

God reveals Himself to everyone for us “to seek for Him until we feel Him and find Him though He is not far away from each one of us”. Acts 17:27 “ He is not just close, he is right here with me”. This understanding is crucial for people, even Christians live as though God is somewhere very far. But as soon as a person realizes that  he can actually talk to God at any time and to listen to the quiet voice of  God speaking inside  it turns the whole life upside down.

As much as the level of closeness to teacher impacts the students in class so the level of experience God impact the behavior of the person. God cares for each one of us going into details of our lives. God loves even those people whom nobody else need in this world. He is there with drug addicts and criminals in prisons, with street kids. He wants His people carry His love to those people who need it so much. God is with us! The most precious possession in our life is God!

After the sermon one of adopted sons of  Pastor Gennadiy  – Andrei Dudin sang a song he composed himself which he dedicated to the 10th Anniversary of the ministry “Republic Pilgrim”.

The report is made by Veronika Nikitskaya