Former street kids tried to knock out the world champion in boxing

The world champion in heavy weight in versions IBF/IBO/WBO Ukrainian Vladimir Klychko hold a workshop for the best sportsmen –partakers of the All Ukrainian social program “We build Sports Ukraine together”.

Among them there were three kids from “Republic Pilgrim” – Roman Chebotaryov, Roman Kim and Ilijah Krivoy. When Roman Kim, former street kid, was at the ring against the world champion Vladimir Klychko there was no limit to his delight.

Roman Kim: “He is like a giant but I wasn’t scared at all the only thing I was thinking of was how I can knock him out”.

During the workshop the famous sportsman told how important it is to do charity and revealed some boxing secrets and sure enough tried himself as a trainer and a sparing partner.

Vladimir Klychko shared: “When my brother Vitaliy and I were starting doing boxing we didn’t have such conditions as you have now. For us it is very important to creaqte for Ukrainian sportsmen good conveniences opening new gyms but also to keep in touch constantly with those who attend trainings in our gyms. I am assured we are on a right way not only to raise good sportsmen but also healthy generation.”

And the young sportsmen came back home with loads of impressions after meeting the greatest boxer of present times. Each of them experienced special moments of the meeting and learnt some secrets about boxing and made some important decisions.

Roman Chebotaryov : “It was so cool that we could be in sparing with Klychko himself! I think when we grow up we will be a good substitution of him!”

Gennadiy Mokhnenko, director of the center of children’s rehabilitation “Republic Pilgrim”: I am excited about our kids who take sports so seriously and try to develop skills in the way they have chosen. Any kind of sports is excellent. We try to do our best to create conditions for the kids in our orphanage to do sports and to be physically trained. I am sure they will be able to grab basic sports skills in Pilgrim and then develop them in their life furthermore to achieve success though we are already proud of them”.