Bike racing against orphanship in Ukraine!

One of these days there was a setting of the Alliance “Ukraine without orphans” where pastor Gennadiy Mokhennko, president of the charity fund “Pilgrim” was representing his unordinary which is so typical for him, project to attract attention to the problem of orphanship in Ukraine.

The main idea of the project is for Ukraine to be left without orphans, for each kid who has a need in parents to have a queue of adoptive parents. Having quite an expertise in the work with orphans, unsafe families and so called social orphans, pastor Gennadiy insists that the idea of orphanages and boarding schools is the way to nowhere.

There is one more problem that has become actual in Ukraine – adoption by gay couples can be admitted in Ukraine in the nearest future. And that is inadmissible, according to pastor Gennadiy. That is why Pastor Mokhnenko suggested the idea to do a bike race against the problems of orphans in Ukraine. Thus the orphans, adopted kids and adoptive parents will come to the capital of Ukraine. The special route will be worked out which will include some basic big cities of Ukraine. 

In each city there will be services as well as concerts of the former street kids. The main purpose of the action is to call upon the citizens of Ukraine to adopt children, to address to the authorities not to put stress on boarding schools and to improve legislation in the field of adoption as well as to express the hope that Ukraine will not get to the point when adoption of Ukrainian kids  by gay couples will be legal. 

Anybody who is not indifferent to the problem of orphans in Ukraine can join the bike trip. The group of new bike riders will join the basic joint team in each city and altogether in Kiev they will  make conclusions and pray to God about Ukraine, government, orphans and those who can be their parents in future. 

The idea was greatly supported by the director of Alliance “Russia without orphans” Ilijah Koklushin. Next year, Gennadiy hopes, the route for the bike trip can be Kiev – Moscow.Everybody who’d like to support the project can contact the fund “ Pilgrim”  +38-067-625-79-30 ,