Pastor Gennadiy Mokhnenko ministered to the history makers

In March Gennadiy Mokhnenko visited a church in Zaporozhye where he preached at celebration of the 3rd birthday of the church named " History makers" and the rehab center for addicts named " Good harbor".

Two basic directions of the church – rehabilitation and youth. For the short period the church has done quite a bit and they represented their work at the festive service. 6 months ago Pastor Kim with his spouse came to serve God in the local church leaving behind their mother church in Korea and pastor David Yongi Cho.

Pastor Gennadiy preached about two main aspects of a christian: about love of God, – how big it is and about God’s strength in people which is much bigger that we can imagine. The sermon didn’t leave people indifferent and more than half of the audience moved towards the altar for the prayer.

Pastor Gennadiy: ” Many people who are on rehabilitation came up to me and thanks for the sermons as it turned out they listen to my sermons online and I am very glad God use me for His purpose.”

The celebration went on with the best christian bands from Ukraine on the stage: 4GIVENBAND, rock band “Jam SLAM”, band “N’Day, rappers “Emil Desiz”, “EVALD”, Segey Shedlovskiy aslo shared encouraging words.

Pastor Gennadiy met soem other ministers from the city of Zaporozhye mostly in order to discuss the details of the “bike trip” within the action of the Alliance ” Ukraine without orphans”.