For the kids not to feel abandoned

The Charity Fund " Pilgrim" started actively render the help to the specialized orphanages and kids wards in city hospitals where there are children with HIV+ status. A head of this ministry is Iryna Matyushina, a spouse of the pastor of congregation of the rehab centers at the Charity Fund " Pilgrim". She does fundraising each month and with her team goes to such hospitals to render the aid.

In the mid February Iryna with her team could render quite a bit of help to the kid’s ward of the local city hospital No3 in Mariupol. In the kids’ ward there are the children with HIV positive status as well as orphans who need some cure. In one of the rooms the volunteers from the fund made a decorating and turned the shubby place into modern one. All the building material and decor was purchased on the donations. The church daughter “Grace” also took an active part in the fundraising. The whole process of renovation took 10 days, the team was doing plastering, putting up wall papers as well as fixing ceiling and putting linoleum on the floor and putting the tiles on.

Iryna also came to Makeevka where there is a specialized children’s clinics for HIV+ kids. The kids from Donetsk area from 2 months up to 6 years old get here. Presently there are 73 kids. Iryna got to know beforehand what are the main needs of the hospital, she also consulted foster home ” House of dream” who adopted 4 kids withthe status from there. Thus, diapers, cleaning liquids, children’s hygienic means and children’s clothes for newborn babies and for todllers were brought by them.

They also donated stationary, soft toys, fruit etc. In the nearest future Iryna is planning to visit kids’ ward in the city hospital No 2 of Gorlovka ( small town in Donetsk area). The children from unsafe families, newborn babies who were abandoned by their mothers in maternity departments and also those kids who found themselves on streets and got in bad circumstances. According to the doctor in chief of the department the main need there are medications, kids’ food, fruit juices and mash fruit cans as well as children’s hygenic means.

Iryna Matyushina : ” I’ve been having the desire in my heart to help these kids and to serve them as much as I can for quite a while. I am glad now it became possible and I am grateful to all people that joined in. People donate money, food, clothes, hygenic means. I hope we won’t stop helping and the number of people who joined us will grow…”