In the Christmas marathon at the TBN channel The President took part.

In the late december in the Christmas marathon on TBN Russia the first president of the state of former street kids "Republic Pilgrim" Andrii Dudin participated.

Andrii was picked up from the city basement when he was 12 years old where he had lived since he was 6. His mother, former acrobate of Moscow circus died in one of rehab centers after she reconciled with God. The elder brother of Andrii couldn’t survive the collapse of the family so he commited suicide when he was 17. Other brother, 14-year old got to mental hospital. However the life of Andrii. profesional street kid, changed, due to God’s intervention through the ” Republic Pilgrim”. Andrii had become the first president of the state of former street kids and for the first time in his life he took a guitar in his hands, he was one of the first kids to be taken under pastor Gennadiy’s guardianship.

Today Andrii is a student of Donetsk conservatory in the class of guitar and has been ministering in the Church of Good Changes as a worship leader for awhile. Andrii is recording his first album and his first CD and videoclip that will be issued in Feb 2011 for the 10th anniversary of “Republic Pilgrim”. Andrii has also become one of the main heroes of recently published book by pastor gennadiy Mokhnenko “Non pedagogical poem”. The creative pseudo of Andrii Dudin is ” president” which depicts his background of being a part of life of rehab center for kids ” Republic Pilgrim” and his first solid position.

At the TBN Russia channel Andrii performed 2 of his singles and wished all the TV spectators Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.