Pilgrims performed before blind people

At the world wide day of disabled people the former street kids came to give a concert to Ukrainian volunteering organization of people with sight disabilities. They were singing, recited poems and played musical instruments.

The guys had much of thorough preparation before their  first actual concert. Moreover the audience was unusual. Since blind people perceive sounds in a special way what is why the pilgrims had to perform at maximum level. And they did their best. They would show some musical performances, sangs songs about mother, some comic songs. They also recited some  poems in the theme of autumn that they had learnt for the contest in Republic Pilgrim.

     It was performed by the smallest pilgrims whose team’s name is symbolic “Brave ones”. It was the first time they would perform before the audience out of the wall s of the center and though there was some embarrassment they coped with it and quite confidently performed. There were people of different generation in the audience and all of them would accept them very warmly with applauds. 

     Jazz band from the foster home “Eagle’s nest” also participated int he concert. They prepared several compositions  for flute and saxophones. 

     Tatyana Karpuhina,  a principle of children’s rehab center “|Republic Pilgrim”.The most important in all the event was the fact that the kids really felt like ministers of God because usually they are the audience. And now they had to share their talents and gifts. Moreover the concert was given for such a vulnerable population as blind people.

     After the concert the kids were given sweet gifts but according to the children there’s no any gifts that would compare with delight and emotions that both audience and performers got of the concert.