Letter of the dead adopted son of the priest to drug dealer and her backers in courts.

Your Honor ... My name is Arthur, I am 14 years old ... I am dead.

Sorry to bother you, but please consider my opinion in relation to the defendant drug dealer Irina Kravchenko which, once again, the Court has shown a surprising leniency.

Since I was 10 – year-old, I was regularly by her door, and getting on my toes to push out the small window on the her apartment door, I would give her some money in return for drugs of various kinds and types.

By the age 12 I buried many of my teenagefriends , drug abusers, with whom we went to the “Abramiha” window (that’s how all drug users in the city called her).

By the age 13 I would come to her window five to seven times a day.

By the age 14 – I died. 

Please consider my petition before the final decision on the measure of the responsibility of this woman before the law. She sold death for nearly twenty years through her apartment door. On her hands deaths of several thousand of Mariupol citizens and tears their moms and children.

Once again I’m sorry, your Honor, thatI botheredyou. 

Happy Holidays everyone! Happy Independence Day of Ukraine! I was born already in Independent Ukraine! Sorry that it all happened …

P.S. Arthur – a former street kidfrom Mariupol – was one of my 30 foster children. Unfortunately, his health was completely destroyed by drugs. He had a horrible death, spitting his lungs that were destroyed by AIDS. Forty minutes before his death, the boy prayed for me – a priest – that the Lord would give me a straight.

With respect and prayer for Ukraine and the humane (relative to the drug dealers) courts.

Director of Children’s Rehabilitation Center “Pilgrim Republic”Pastor /fund.pilgrim @