Pilgrims’ again, “Sick of it “

On the 20th Day of Ukraine Independence staff of the Charity Fund "Pilgrim", a children's rehabilitation center "Republic" Pilgrim ", current and former rehabilitants, and former adult addicts, people of the Church of Good Changes, just Mariupol citizens who are willing to confront lawlessness in Ukraine, protested under the windows of famous drug dealer.

Almost 20 years Irina Kravchenko, nicknamed “Abramiha”, from the door of her apartment and through his aides, sold and continues to sell drugs. Several months ago, the Mariupol district court appointed her penalty-7 year’s imprisonment. But recently the Court of Appeal of Donetsk region, chaired by Judge Tatyana Shalin, freedher from custody in the courtroom. Employees of Charity Fund “Pilgrim” did not agree with the decision of the court and expressed their protest in the campaign of public protest, “Sick of it.”

Under the windows of Abramiha apartment complex gathered several hundred people with banners, photographs of dead teenagers and young adults. They chanted: “Sick,” “drug mafia in court,” “wicked judges – a disgrace!” The president of the “Pilgrim”, the father of 30 adopted children, PastorGennadiyMokhnenko in his message directly called her a murderer, because her actions resulted in hundreds of deaths of young people and teenagers. 

Gennadiy Mokhnenko: “I had to bury dozens of them. Almost she practiced 20 years of lawless and open drug trades. After years of war against drug trafficking, when Abramiha was finally arrested, I did not hide my joy. But she was released under a subscription, and then continued to sell. Then they arrested her again and, finally, in May of this year, theMariupol district court ruled – 7 years in prison. I sincerely rejoiced. Finally, she will be taking responsibility for thousands of deaths. “Gennadiy Mokhnenko compares what is happening with the third world war. Without the shots, bombs, landmines and without massive air strikes, drug dealers, slowly but surely kill people, and worst of all – young people and young people – present and future of Ukraine.

Gennadiy Mokhnenko: “in the Afghan war in a decade was killed 15 000 young men from all over the Soviet Union. In this third world war, and I mean this is a third world war, every day just in our town are buried several drug addicts. Multiply that by 365 days, and then by 20 years and count how many Abramiha and others like her have killed young boys and girls during this time. “Pastor Gennadiy was reading the symbolic letter of appeal to the judges of the dead boy-addict – Arthur. He was one of his adopted sons.

“Your Honor … My name is Arthur, I am 14 years old … I am dead.

Sorry to bother you, but please consider my opinion in relation to the defendant drug dealer Irina Kravchenko which, once again, the Court has shown a surprising leniency.

Since I was 10 – year-old, I was regularly by her door, and getting on my toes to push out the small window on the her apartment door, I would give her some money in return for drugs of various kinds and types.

By the age 12 I buried many of my teenage friends, drug abusers, with whom we went to the “Abramiha” window (that’s how all drug users in the city called her).

By the age 13 I would come to her window five to seven times a day.

By the age 14 – I died. … “

This letter will be sent to all state agencies, including the Supreme Court and the President, once again to tell the authorities that the people will not put up with what is happening. Prisons are overcrowdedwith Ukrainian young people – drug addicts, who were caught with low dosesand received long sentences. But the question remains: why we cannot finally bring charges against those who sell them these doses, these who bring to Ukraine and distribute drugs. Pastor Gennady assured that if the court will show, once again “humanity”, then many more people will come in this court door steps and with a different mood.

Gennadiy Mokhnenko: “We, the citizens, not you, the judges have the power in this country. This is us who give you power and the ability to bring Justice. I want to remind the judges that you – the people, and very soon will leave the Earth, and will stand on the Court as the accused before the Judge of all … where you will be accountable for your transgressions. And if you feed on carrion, you will answer to God. I’m sure the time will come when these people are held accountable for their transgressions. But if we, ordinary citizens, we close our eyes to this, then trouble … trouble…. “