“Make a party for orphans”

The action of public sponsorship “Crumbs” and Charity Fund “Pilgrim” initiated an action under such a title. 1st-2nd of June in the center of total sale “Metro” the youth team of the Church of Good Changes wearing T-shirts with logo of the republic Pilgrim invited the mariupolites to take part in the life of orphans and former homeless kids. This action was dedicated to the Day of Children’s defense.

The youth team was giving away the brochures of the action in the trade hall. The terms of the action were that each customer could actually buy something for the Republic Pilgrim and there were big baskets with photos of the pilgrims on them where they could drop the stuff they have just bought for the orphanage.

Within the day the youth and some pilgrims managed to give away about 1000 brochures. Some were volunteering the whole day, others – just few ours.

Tatyana Karpukhina, the principle of the center of children’s rehabilitation “Republic Pilgrim”:It was a splendid opportunity for people in Mariupol to become a part of life of orphans in our area and just to show the kindness of their hearts. For the youth it is obviously doing God’s job in ministry to kids. And for the kids themselves it is a great joy to get the gifts”.

The result of the project of public sponsorship “Crumbs” are beyond expectations. Many costumers were literally filling in the baskets with some food for the orphanage. At the end of each day the organizers of the action alongside with the administration of Metro opened donation baskets. 3 trolleys full of sweets, drinks and hygienic means were safely delivered to the orphanage. The organizers also could split the blessings and bring some of them to foster houses and to the center for handicapped kids “Belief in yourself”.

Stanislav Kabanov, the leader of the project “Crumbs”: “We’d like to express our special gratitude to the manager of the trade center “Metro” for this opportunity. We thank everyone who rendered the help. I am convinced that it was joy for all- for those who donated stuff and for those who gave away the brochures and told people about the action”.