Mariupol children are happy in the new

Igor and Lyudmila Fayn made a decision 2 years ago to foster those children who are deprived of family care.

Initially, the family came to the social service where they were explained the process and were helped with collecting necessary papers for adoption. The process was quite long; they were trying their best to create acceptable conditions to take kids in. In a year they managed to adopt an 8- year – old boy. Sergey was considered a difficult child and his ex foster parents (multiple) refused to kept refusing from him. Being just 8 years old he already had been in 4 families. He ran away from home and wandered the streets. Nevertheless Igor and Lyudmila were brave enough to take Sergey int0 their family and to give him their love and care.

Sergey has been living in his new family for over a year now. A lot of things changed to the better, Sergey learnt to trust his new parents and he calls them Mum and Dad. The boy has finally had his own family and he feels deeply loved here and cared and desired. He feels in this new family this new kind of feeling – he is protected and supported and he even started dreaming about future. The family altogether coped with his learning difficulties. He is doing better in school and motivated to study. The boy loves handy craft like origami, he also likes riding the bike.    

Igor and Lyudmila wanted to share their love with other child too. And in April 2013 the laughter of 8-year-old Vladislava could be heard in their home. She is such an active and cheerful girl and she has become a part of their family smoothly and fast. She has now not only parents but an older brother too. They made friends very fast and found much in common they are very close now. The girl and the boy spend all their free time together, playing all kinds of games. They are ready to stand for each other. The adoptive family spends their leisure time very actively: they go to the parks, attractions, city events. The children live a life of full value!!!