Mission can be accomplished: the Czechs and the pilgrims

In early august the long awaited guests from Czech Republic and Poland came to the center of children’s rehabilitation “Republic “Pilgrim”.

Already several years in a row annually the Czech youth come to serve to the kids. This year the missionary team from Poland came along with them. The guests can always find what to do to hang out with the kids: they have a fellowship, make different events, and make tours, to the theatre and to the beach. The pilgrims learn folk dances, songs and games of Czech Republic andPoland. This year the unforgettable for the children was the Day of Czech Republic when they got to know where this country was, watched a movie aboutCzech Republic, its history and sights. The pilgrims asked questions and our friends told about the traditions of their countries and churches with a great pleasure.

The Czech mission “Nehemiah” helps to develop this ministry in different countries of the world, among them there are Ukraine, Belarus, Africa and many others. The guys came from different cities where some of them minister to children in their churches and others get their first experience. But they share in unison that they love Ukraine and love the kids of Pilgrim and made so many friends here. The guests leave today and the pilgrims prepared a farewell party for them and some of the kids will go to Donetsk to see the guests off. Each of the missionaries plans on coming here again and to serve to the kids.

Veronika Lighartova, Pardubitse, Czech Republic (she was in Republic Pilgrim for the 4th time): “I just love coming here, I have many friends here and I am sure I can’t help coming here again and again. I am eager to see how all these kids will grow up…”