Will the pillgrims wake the Volcano Reiner up?

Having quite a big experience in rehabilitation of teens addicted of drugs and alcohol the workers of the Charity Fund “Pilgrim” decided to help the teenagers in the US.

The problem of drug addiction among the young generation of the former USSR citizens living in the USA is huge. The relates and parents who got to know about the successfull work of the rehab project in Ukraine try their best to send their offspring to Ukraine.

Within this only year several adolescents from the US had their rehab course in the rehab center of the charity fund and directly in “Republic Pilgrim”. Each of them came back home changed and made their family glad. The phone calls from the US with the request to accept for rehabilitation  young people living in the USA keep coming to “Pilgrim”. However there are some difficulties since it is permitted to stay in Ukraine not more than 3 months only. Also it is not so easy to get social adaptation in the USA afterwards. On coming back home in a half a year or a year, the graduates of rehab center come across some difficulties.

 The President of the Charity Fund “ Pilgrim”, Pastor Gennadiy Mokhnenko decided to start a new project in the USA – the rehab tourism for the addicted, difficult teens from the slavic diaspora inthe US. According to the pastor Gennadiy’s plan the joint team of some american teens and former Ukrainian street kids go on a 2-week – trip. During the trip the American youth can hear the testimonies of the former street kids whose lives were changed by God, to have altogether prayers and counceling of Pastor Gennadiy. According to Pastor Gennadiy there is a big hope that the priorities and life ambitions of american teens will change after such a trip.

The first trip of pastor – pilgrim Gennadiy Mokhnenko and two teens Slava Smyslov and Segey Kuc heruk start along with american to conquer the volcano reiner ( close to Seattle).

Here both Ukrainian and american guys will have serious tests of strength and spirit – picturesque but rather dangerous area with huge glaciers where htere can be severa frosts and abrupt jump of temperature. The guys dream to raise the flag of Ukraine on the top of Reiner as well as the flag of “Republic Pilgrim” and the city of Mariupol. They also plan to pray for the orphans from the mountaintop to attact the attention of publicity to the problem of orphanship.

The first trip will be made by the team of 7-8 people and will have an exploring character. Next year it si planned to gather the team of 30-40  young people.

These trip are  fully paid by American side.