New kids in the project “Young mother”

In the freezing January evening at the threshold of the building where the project “Young mother” is located a girl of 18 showed up with her 4-month-old daughter Vika. The child was in a very bad condition, so cold and dirty. She was directed to the fund “Pilgrim” by the local authorities – regional service of youth and family, they were asking the fund workers to render the help to the mother with the baby since their lives had been exposed to risk.

The service workers explained that the threat towards the mother and the child was from the biological father of the baby and also they didn’t have any suitable conditions for living. There’s no electricity, heating and water in that house they used to stay at. The baby has seen electric light for the first time there in the project building. 

First of all the workers of the project “ Young mother” washed and fed the mother and her baby and also gave them some new clothes to wear. They also bought nutrition powder, bottles and pacifiers as well as diapers since the mother had nothing. Julia, the mother didn’t buy anything within her life with the biological father of the baby since he didn’t work and she was living on a pension of an orphan. She didn’t get any help from the state though since she didn’t have the papers necessary to make it official. So for now the mother and the little baby will be provided by the project. Julia is so grateful for the opportunity to live in good conditions. In safety, to learn to properly take care of her child, and now she spends all her time with the little one and build plans for their future.

Iryna Matyshina, the head of the project “Young mother”:  “We believe and we pray for the good changes in the life of Julia and Vika and as for us, we will do our best to help them”.  

The project “Young mother” has been functioning at the Charity Fund “Pilgrim” for several years now. It is directed to render help to women who found themselves in tough life circumstances, to young mothers, young orphans who have become mothers, also to mothers with different addictions, also to victims of family abuse. This project cooperates with state social service of Mariupol in affairs with minors and families and youth. 

Within the last year the project rendered the help to 18 mothers and to 24 kids. Presently there are 8 mothers and 12 kids there.