New life has started for the Minister of Finances

As the medical workers point out all the kids in Pilgrim have weak immunity, avitaminosis and consequences of unhealthy life. Summer is just high time for the guys to get the energy charge, vitamins, to get impressions and to get strength for the new academic year.

Despite of the insignificant funds, the management of the Charity fund “Pilgrim” tries to pay a special attention to the health of the pilgrims. It is a great need.

          The center of work and rest in the “Pilgrim village” is of great help in the solution of this task and the children can not only take care of the vegetable garden but also to have their rest, to sunbathe and to swim in the sea, to play, to organize game and sports competitions, to be on the fresh air all day around.  The guys also have all kinds of events here, they are visited by guests and in the evenings the heartfelt talk by the fire open the hearts of the children and help to overcome certain insecurities of estrangement, secretiveness and resentment.

 A special event for the pilgrims this year was a trip to the Berda River where the extreme race on the boat and on an inflatable saver was arranged for them, lunches by the fire, water entertainment, an opportunity to make even better friends with each other. 

 The summer is at its peak and each citizen of the republic trusts that the second half of the vacation the kids will spend with as much fun and full of events getting filled wIn the “Republic Pilgrim” it is a special day even though a bit sad one – the Graduation 2017. It is always time of special experiences and a very significant event for the graduates.  Each one of them has a very rough story behind them, their life used to be destroyed; they used to have a mental trauma and a tough way of restoration.

Within their staying in the “Pilgrim” due to the efforts of the center and with the help of God the guys recover as personalities, physically and mentally, and also they get an education and have good prospect in their life.

 They are waited for various ways in life: some will get a working profession, some are going to continue High school, and some will try to get enrolled to the higher educational establishments. But the most important is for each student to keep and to carry through their lives love, warmth and faith that they received in the “Pilgrim”. It is exactly what will help them to stand firm in the new not so easy life circumstances.

Tatyana Karpukhina, the director of the center “Republic Pilgrim”: “We in our turn are always ready to support and to render the help we can to our graduates. We are interested for them to stay in our circle of fellowship, ministry, in the church and in the social projects”. 

Among this year graduates there are some bright testimonies of good changes in the lives of the children and it is impossible to keep silent about them.

 Valentina’s family was broken by the divorce of her parents and by their alcohol addiction. As a result of the family’s collapse the teenage girl found a bad company and her life was going downward. When got to the Pilgrim the girl radically changed. Very soon her talents became obvious here as well as her organizational skills and leadership qualities. Valentina got an honorable position of the Minister of Finances in the government of the Republic and she has been having it for a few years now.

 The girl is very mature and reasons like an adult. She takes life seriously and aspires to self development. These qualities were noticed by the management of the sport club she attends and they taught her and at the age of 16 she is an official fitness coach. But she doesn’t stop here and is getting ready to be enrolled in the University.

Tatyana Karpukhina, the director of “Republic Pilgrim”: “We declare that the pilgrims are the people of future. We wish to every one of them an amazing, exciting and successful life and we trust that a good foundation was put for their future adult life”.ith health and joyous emotions.