The work education in the “Pilgrim” village.

The major part of the rehab program of “Republic Pilgrim’ is the work education of the teenagers and for this very reason the Center of work education was organized in the Pilgrim village. This small farm supplies them with some products and gives them some skills of agricultural works.

In contrast to the system of state orphanages where children are not socially adapted and have no working skills our children know how to grow vegetables, how to take care of garden, of the house, they can kindle the stove and to cook a meal. And it is not one common task for everyone but each of them can find something they prefer doing. They can develop their gifts and talents in such a way and prepare themselves for the future adult independent life.

 This year due to the help of many people who donated finances for the street kids they did a remodeling in the house and the kids can stay there with sleepover and have some test after working day. The management of the children’s center also hopes to launch sauna which is very important for children’s health especially in a cold weather.

 Soon there will be a poultry farm launched nearby and the teens will be able to help out there and get some skills in poultry farming.

 The center of the work еeducation is located not far from the sea coast which is so convenient for having rest after the working day as well as for health improving.

Tatyana Karpukhina, the director of the center “Republic Pilgrim”: « When w we started this project 2 years ago we couldn’t imagine how effective for rehabilitation it would be. Through the united work and getting skills the children can see that it will help them to find their way in life.  The responsibility and independence and consciousness are being. It is so important for their further adult life”.