Notes of the black brief case about the black continent ( Journal of the missionary trip – 2013)

3 countries, 3 airports (Donetsk, Istanbul, Nairobi), 11 hours in the car ( 2 of these hours we were under arrest by local traffic police) and in total in 32 hours , we reached the destination. Kitale ( Kenya) not far from the border with Uganda.

First of all, we had a meeting and acquaintance with our missionary team – a colorful amazing gathering of people. There are 20 of us, the geographical amplitude is impressive – from the Far East, Greece, Ukraine till California and Alaska! It seems the dream of Marxists about worldwide brethren is being realized on the God’s field!!!! 
We started getting to know each other because I see some of them for the first time, some of the team members I know only from and The social amplitude is also impressive. The family of a builder from Seattle and of a pedagogue from Kirgizia (a father of 21 adopted children!!!), a team of social workers from Kiev and even an official of the state level – the manager in chief of the department of defense of children in Kiev region, a student (a future TV journalist) and a sister from the town Ismail ( who refused to get any gifts for her birthday but shared with her friends her dream to go on mission to the Equator, a leading engineer – an electrician and a financier of a Greek soccer team, a waitress who had to collect tips for awhile to be able to join us in the trip, a businessman, a sportsman and a biker from Seattle, a brave young woman from Portland whose husband let her come with us ( Thank you, Dmitry!), and children who proved to be rather skilled in administration. Also in our team there is a pastor from Belarus and a family of my old friends from Massachusetts. This is the team we are… ready for the mission… but for now after such a long way we need some rest… so tired…

Pastor-pilgrim Gennadiy Mokhnenko