Notes of the Black briefcase about the black continent (The Diary of the African trip – 2013) Day 3

The morning has started with a remarkable event: the official opening of the well in the Christian orphanage, it was dug and installed due to the offering of the church from a Russian city Oryol! You just can’t look quietly at this view! The price of it is health and life of many kids who will now drink not of the awfully dirty and miry pond but from the real clean well!

One more well, this time, Russian – Ukrainian, that was ordered by our team might be ready in a couple weeks. And one more orphanage will get a well with all the blessings that follow it! 

The next destination is a huge orphanage where 280 kids live and one hundred other kids come to study there. I have sent my team there and went to the city center to buy some gifts from Pilgrim. I’ve bought 15 balls ( basketballs, volleyballs, footballs) and even a bar for weighting for our partner- orphanage Gilgal. The senior kids were delighted and they started training immediately adding the weights to it and by doing it they violated the school timetable. When I joined the program that my team had been having with the kids of the orphanage I saw my adopted son who studies here – he is a hero of the day, he came dressed up and riding a bike! He is in the center of attention today! The rest of children follow him as he rides the bike around and they take part in numerous competitions to win a ball.

In an hour we found ourselves at the Kipsongo slam. It is the place of test for someone’s nervous system. Women with kids who live in mud piles, hungry children who followed us with one simple word “ food”, suppurating wounds… it breaks our hearts. We all leave the place with tears rolling down. And it is good. Tomorrow we are going to be back with sacks of food and alongside with the local pastor we will feed them , kids and old people.

I was especially upset after meeting my friend from here named Peter. When I was here in Kenya for the first time I spent one night in his “barn” (on being assured of security and being specially invited by the local elders). He didn’t look good then but now the picture is especially excruciating. 

On my way out of the slam I saw pastor Steve (skilled warrior on mission fields) who grabbed a drugged guy, lifted him and said something into his ear in a very delicate voice. His arrogance immediately calmed down and I could see that the words had their result.

The last event of the day is the meeting with the Ukrainian mission team there who work in Kitale. Ouremotionswentoffscale. The girls are heroes: they recovered from typhoid, malaria, they survived after the murder of a missionary family who used to live nearby – they work here on Equator leaving the trace in the destinies of kids and adults! I am seriously proud of my nation! The Ukrainian church under the tent and school for children for the kids from the local slam, an orphanage and  mobile medical clinics as well as every day food distribution  – all these things are being done by the team we had a meeting with! They are called Uks here (from the Ukrainians) and it brings delight in us. It sounds like a name of the local tribe))).

 The evening ended with our discussion of how we could be helpful and support their hands. So we decided to invest in their funds for food distribution ( 200 people a day) – for them to have money for the next 3 months and we also paid for the next mobile clinic trip in a remote mountainous place.

The last decision of the evening was to start raising funds for the purchase of big piece of land ( the cost is 15000 US dollars) for the dream of Russian missionaries of them to have their own not rented facilities here to come true. Sowemadethefirstinvestmentinit.

One more day has passed. We saw miracles and touches of God to the destinies of these people. We can sleep with our conscience clean!

On the picture you can see our fellowship with the local street kids. In the sleeve by his nose he is holding the bottle with glue.

Pastor-pilgrim Gennadiy Mokhnenko