Pastor Gennadiy Mokhnenko has adopted 34th child: the boy has visited The Kreshatik in Kiev for the first time and is going to be on the boat trip in Svyatogorsk

In Mariupol the pastor  and founder of the rehabilitation center “Republic Pilgrim” Gennady Mokhnenko has taken 34th child into his family. The newly adopted son’s name is Artur.

“I have a new addition to my family. For the 34th time, my wife and I officially took the child into the family. But I always say that even though the legal process of adoption may take some time the most important for the child is to know right away that he has a family, ”Gennady Mokhnenko emphasized.
The boy’s mother has recently passed away. And before that she was looked after in the church hospice. Arthur had been in Republic Pilgrim for five years. It was especially difficult for Gennady to tell the boy that his mother was no longer alive and that he needed to go bury her …
Now Arthur is a full-fledged member of the family, and he step by step  is getting used to the family order. During the interview, he was cleaning up his room.
This week the boy and his father visited McDonald’s and for the first time in Arthur’s life he visited Khreshchatyk. And today his father is going to take Arthur to a camp for teenagers for a few days.
Gennady Mokhenko also spoke about the family’s plans for the near future: “We are going on our first trip. We wanted to go to Western Ukraine with the “Republic Pilgrim” and with my boys, but we can’t afford it financially. Therefore, most likely, next week we will travel 2-3 days from Izium to Svyatogorsk along the river Seversky Donets on rafts. This is not a mountain river, not extreme, but there are sandy beaches, beautiful forests … It’s good to have some exciting entertainment right before the school year. “
According to Gennady Mokhnenko, the family has not yet prepared for school. It seems that the summer will still last for a very long time. “We will probably have to get together in an emergency mode,” said the head of the family.