The story of the pilgrim: from street to graduation with honors.

It is difficult to overestimate the influence of the “Republic Pilgrim” on lives of kids and adolescents who found themselves in difficult life circumstances, who lost their relatives or become addicted to alcohol or drugs. The story of eleven-year-old Daniel was no exception. A single mother found herself with two kids in a difficult situation: the house in which the family lived in the village of Granitnoye burned down, there was no permanent job, the mother tried to improve her life, but the kids at that time were left on the sidelines and were often left to themselves. That is why Daniel was forced to look for food for himself, did not attend school, with his fellow accomplices committed petty thefts, cut off available metal, penetrating into the territory of the metallurgical plant.

Of course, such actions could not be ignored by the police and school administration. It was not possible to attract the mother to raise her son, since at that time the mother left in an unknown direction, leaving the kids to themselves.
This is how Daniel ended up in Pilgrim. When he got into the atmosphere of love, care, attention, after a while the boy changed noticeably. At some point, the withdrawal, notoriousness, alertness left. The teenager opened up, was ready to fulfill any assignment, to help, he was consistently kind to everyone. Having experienced many troubles and hardships at such a young age, Daniel still did not lose faith in people, remained responsive and friendly. In the team of the kids he enjoyed incredible authority and soon he became the President of the “Republic Pilgrim”.
In addition to heart suffering and hardship, the boy had pedagogical neglect, poor learning skills and gaps in knowledge, because he practically did not go to school. However, with his diligence and perseverance he was able not only to win the hearts of all teachers, but also quite successfully to graduate from school, to enter the lyceum, where he learns the profession he dreamed of since childhood – a driver, a car mechanic. The boy is in good standing at the Lyceum and it look like he will graduate with honors.
Within the time the teenager was in the center Daniel’s mother was never found. She was deprived of her parental rights in absentia.

Karpukhina Tatyana Nikolayevna: «We witnessed that God blessed Daniel’s life in a special way. Lacking childhood, love and parental support, Daniel did not stay on the sidelines of life, and without the help of kind people. Under the orphan program, he received an apartment, Pilgrim helped him to study and to obtain a driver’s license. Under the project to support graduates he is now studying at the driving school in the category of “driving a truck”.».
Daniel Kakushin: «I see the hand of God in my life, He protected me when I was little, when my life was constantly in danger. He brought me to Pilgrim, where I finally got a family and a hope for the future. He provides me now, gives me gifts that I never dreamed of».