Pastor’s “Gvardia” expands

Adoptive father of 32 children, pastor -pilgrim Gennady Mokhnenko and his family live today in a fairly cramped conditions. The house they live in consists of two rooms for 13 people. Recently, the adoptive family, with a charitable donation, was able to purchase another small house. Both houses need a lot of repairs, however, both parents and children are happy - they are now having more space where they can live.

The first house gradually become looking more like a real house. Today, nearly completed work on the exterior, and insulation of this home. It carefully plastered, paved walk paths and parking spot; in the yard appeared a new drinking well. But for so many teens that are currently living in a family children’s home – two rooms are not enough. Here, children sleep, do their homework, and spend the evening together. The kitchen, a small room that is usually occupied by 15 people at the same time. Not enough space in the shower – it is so small.

The charity fund “Pilgrim” has decided to buy another house to expand the residential meters for Mokhnenko family. For this propose were used targeted donations of people who were willing to help. The new house also needs to be fully repaired, but the owners happy – already have something that can be repaired!  

The future plans include – small remodel, replacement windows, doors, electrical works, improvement of rooms, perhaps – extension of the new premises. While in the new house there is no heating, they all continue to live in the first, small house. But the pastoral “Gvardia” does not despair. Parents and children are sure that God will help, because everyone prays and believes that one day their home will be warm, cozy and comfortable for all.