«PilGrill» for orphans and refugees.

Mariupol Charity fund «Pilgrim» realizes the biggest rehability project in Ukraine for children and teenagers who got into difficult situations in life, does work in a sphere of adult rehabilitation, helps elderly people who have no place to live and no facilities to survive. Because of the military situation in Eastern Ukraine it also doe some work with those who were forced to move away as refugees, and helps peaceful citizens in a war zone.

All of these ministries are always full with people and need to be provided with foodstuffs in a daily mode. As the majority of all of the people who the fund works with are in difficult life circumstances and they cant take care of themselves, a development of subsidiary farm “PilGrill” became a very good solution. 

Thanks to all the caring people a charity fund “Pilgrim” got a possibility to build a small chicken farm. This is a closed complex in which, without violating the temperature and sanitary regime, it will be possible to carry out all operations related to breeding, growing and slaughtering of chickens. The incubator was also put into operation, which makes it possible not to attract external suppliers. For now, the meat that is produced by the farm provides meat for a centre of children’s rehabilitation “Republic Pilgrim” and a project “Little Mother”. 

It is also important that children will have an opportunity to learn how to work and get good experience in farming.

Tatyana Karpukhina, principal of the Centre of children’s rehabilitation “Republic Pilgrim”: “It is difficult to overestimate the importance of the delivery of chickens from “Pilgrill”, which have become a significant help for the organization of nutrition of our kids. Always fresh and extra tasty chicken, which is especially important, is a great gift for children. For us, meat is generally an expensive product, and we cannot afford it in the daily diet, and it is especially difficult to provide them for a big number of children. Therefore, we are all very happy that the farmhouse, which we build with the help of the whole world, already gives us an opportunity to improve nutrition for children. “

Kirill Lebedev, President of the “Republic Pilgrim”: “It’s so great that now sometimes we can have picnics and grill meat. For example, on Easter, we went to our countryhouse in the village Chervonoye where we cooked, marinated, and then roasted meat together. Just like in a real family! We become closer friends and, moreover, learn how to cook. We pray and know that when the “PilGrill” project will be functionating in it’s best way many people will be able to nutrite better. Praise God for this and thanks to the people for help!”