Retro autumn of the pilgrims

In “Republic Pilgrim” the fall ball in retro style took place. The main purpose of this event was to help the guys to open their potential, to have a talent contest as well as to congratulate the staff of the center on the Teacher’s Day.

In order to have a colorful event the pilgrims prepared song and dance performances, some recited poems, some of them made pieces of drama. Sure enough the costumes were a basic attribute and the children were making them thoroughly for a long time. The kids tried to dive into the atmosphere of 80-s to realize what people lived by at hose years. Some of the kids got to know for the first time that people used to listen to music on the vinyl records and the owner of the cassette record player was “the king” of the neighborhood.

 As always in this season the new talents were revealed. In such events all the kids of the center take part, and the mentors know and are certain that each child is a talent and it is just necessary to make conditions for them to open their gifts.

 Among the guests of the events there were some mothers with children who could also take part in the interactive part of the program and get prizes.

As in any other contest the fall ball was estimated by the competent juries – the teachers of the center who summarized the event and named the winners in various nominations. Each child got prizes. Undoubtedly the queen and the king of the ball were elected – those who were the brightest, most active, more creative than others and who were admired by everyone present.

 Such kind of events are prepared by the children with a great pleasure. It is a part of rehabilitation program and it always brings positive results.