The elections have been held. Darya Malykhina was elected as the President of “Republic Pilgrim” again.

The regular presidential elections have been held in “Republic Pilgrim”. This year the users of social networks were as active as never before and they supported the candidates with their likes and comments. Quite a few strong leaders were fighting for the position of the president however they were going with a big gap in the number of votes.

The most intensive fight was between two candidates: Darya Malykhina (the current president of the republic) and Lebedyev Kirill who received the maximum of votes in social networks. The pre election campaign was very serious; in fact they were fighting for each vote.

 It is worth mentioning that the system of elections in “ Republic Pilgrim” is unusual because each one who runs for president if they don’t occupy the position of the president they can claim the place in the government, it depends on the number of votes they got.

According to the results of the vote Darya Malykhina was elected for the second term of presidency. Kirill Lebedyev has become a prime minister. Beside these positions they distributed the positions of ministers and vice ministers of Finances, of Justice, of Sports, of Health, of Mass Media. Beside these ministers due to the integration of Ukraine to the EU this year the Ministry of International Affairs was created.

After the calculation of the votes without postponing it for later the president pronounced the oath to be faithful to the Republic and she has already appointed the date of the first meeting of the new government.

Tatayana Karpukhina, the director of the Center of Children’s Rehabilitation “Republic Pilgrim”: “This body of children’s self government has real authority to influence on the life of the Republic. The creative guys direct their efforts to develop the state of former street kids and to improve life of each citizen”.

Darya Malykhina, the president of Republic Pilgrim: “I thank each person who gave their vote for me. I won’t let you down”.