“New Year’s fairy tale”.

The New Year’s celebration is most awaited time by kids. It is the time of miracles and gifts, congrats and pleasant surprises. Despite of tense war situation the pilgrims prepared the charity project “The New Year’s fairy tale”. 

After numerous practices and the search and making the costumes up the guests and the children of the Republic could see the bright piece of drama “Red hat in Paris”. Among the guests in the hall of the “Republic Pilgrim” there were Mums with their kids from the projects “I grow up with my Mum”, “Young Mother”, kids from foster homes and families in need.

 The pilgrims made a real show. The mentors point out that the kids prepared costumes themselves as well as setting, script; they rehearsed on their own and made the plan of the whole event.  After the show the pilgrims shared gifts with the guests. The latter ones left happy and inspired by the talents of the guys.

Victoria Vakhnova, the senior mentor of the center of children’s rehabilitation “Republic Pilgrim”: « Our pilgrims are very talented kids. They have what to show and what to share. This is why it was unforgettable festive concert with bright and varied program. The guys plan to make this show in the center for kids with disabilities “Believe in you” where they are always happy to see our guys”.

Darya Malykhina, the President of “Republic Pilgrim”: “We are so glad that we could share something joyful and exciting that will bring fun to people in the season. We learn not just receive gifts and congrats but we learn to give and it is so cool!”