Scrapbooking as a craft and as an art.

Scrapboking has been popular in Europe for quite awhile and in Ukraine this fashion has only been starting. The girls in “Republic “Pilgrim” started learning this type of craft since it can become a source of their income in future.

Lyudmila Gordiyenko – a member of the Church of Good Changes has recently started scrapbooking classes in “Pilgrim”. To make esthetic post cards, photo frames made of ribbons and other decorations – which is very popular in Europe nowadays. Lyudmila shared about her work in “Pilgrim” and downloaded the pictures of the crafts of the girls at the forum of the scrap booking website.  Within 2 weeks the subject of the forum”Give a piece of happiness” spread for 27 pages. The women who participated at the forum were extremely touched by the works of the girls.

One of the forum partakers – Olga from Kiev took an initiative to suggest other crafty women to exchange postcards with the girls from “ Pilgrim”. Women from Kiev, Lvov, Vinnitsa, Kherson, as well as from Hungary, Israel and Russian cities started sending to them postcards alongside with materials from this craft which are very expensive. To the great surprise of Lyudmila and the girls each of the girls got 5 parcels. One student from Israel sent to “Pilgrim” a parcel where there was very expensive stuff for scrapbooking.

Seeing the emotions of the children Lyudmila burst crying of happiness. By the way one can buy those materials only through Internet. One of the founders of the internet shop contributed to this ministry too.

Lyudmila has a weekly class where 11 girls come, some of them come to Lyudmila’s place additionally. She says it can bring the girls quite a big income in future. In Ukraine such postcards cost above 25UAH.

Young crafty girls from “Pilgrim” plan in the nearest future to make an exhibition of their crafts in the Church of Good Changes.