A drug addict since 11 years old – just to join his buddies!

In order to get the doze Igor who is 17 now hadn’t had to steal. Within 6 years of his drug experience his “good – hearted” friends brought drugs to him. Just because they want him to use IV drugs with them.

At the age of 10 Igor lost his mother and since then his life changed a lot. He started wandering and soon street kids taught him to use IV drugs. At first it was just out of interest and curiosity and then he felt he’s addicted, can’t give it up any more, so 6 years the boy spent for this high of doubtful quality. His friends were ready to share with them since they had a strong desire their pal to be around.

Several times Igor tried to quit this fatal habit but it never went further than 2 weeks of abstinence. He was already glad he was free but didn’t have enough willpower still.

One day his teacher in vocational school in Makeevka whose name is Natalya decisively bought a bus ticket for him to go to Mariupol, to the center of children’s rehabilitation “Republic “Pilgrim”.

Thus Igor changed his life. He’s been in “Pilgrim” for a month and has quitted drugs. He found here his former friend, street kid from Makeevka. The mentors in “Pilgrim’s share that Igor is very kind- hearted and has a good character. He gets along with other kids very well and shows interest in sports, in particular, in soccer. 

According to Igor himself he looks at his life and future differently now. He tries to forget and not to remember those 6 years he had wasted and believes he’s got a chance now to fill this space with new interests and prospects.