Easter miracle

Educative story about good attitude to people was represented by the children of “Republic “Pilgrim” at the Easter break. It was a story about the mother who devoted herself fully to her kids as a prototype of Jesus Christ Who gave His life for all mankind.

The light angel and dark angel of trouble participated in the performance. There were also disobediant children who have changed due to the commitment of their mother and their hearts have become good afterwards. Both kids from Pilgrim and kids from foster families of the fund played parts in the performance.

There was an Easter Quiz right after the Easter tale and the children could get to know lots of new things about  Easter traditions and those who knew a lot about  Bible facts about Easter could get prizes.

Many of the children had the task to write a composition where they could express what the Resurrection of Jesus Christ mean for them. 

“ Couple things about Easter

Easter is a great day of the year. Easter happened after the crucifixion of Jesus on the cross, and He is risen. Since that day they started calling this day  “Easter”, when Jesus rose from the dead people didn’t believe it and when he showed up before the crowd of people all the people of God shouted: “ Christ is risen! And When we say truly risen it really means that He is risen indeed. 

Since then people began to make Easter bread and to paint  eggs. It is considered the feast in honor of the Christ Who is risen. Amen”.

That is what Easter actually mean for me.

I think that Easter is a very great day, it is resurrection of Christ Jesus. We celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead and all people rejoice in the day, they have a great joy. The fact is Jesus was crucified on the cross; we have so many sins so if not the death of Jesus we would hardly be alive today. We know now that God is one and he is stronger that any death. Easter is a very light holiday.”

“Easter is a great day in the year. I meet this day with peace and joy with a light soul. It is really a great day for me because 2000 years ago the wonderful miracle happened; Jesus Christ was risen from the dead. Right on the third day after the crucifixion on the Golgotha Mount, it was such a tragic day when Jesus suffered and gave His life for our sins. This day I have a joy but I also have some kind of grief as I realize how stupid I had been”.

At the end of the festival all the children could get a very sweet Easter bread and a painted egg.