Singing dolphins were dancing for the pilgrims.

At the spring break the citizens of “Republic “Pilgrim” didn’t have to get bored. The guys went to the theatre of Drama, movie theatre, historical museum, circus, but the most exciting was the trip to Donetsk dolphinarium.

Real fairy tale was played before the pilgrims. The main parts in it were played by dolphins and seals. These talented artists made difficult circus tricks, jumps, greeted the kids in their own language and saying good-bye they were waving with their tails and flippers.

On coming back to Mariupol, the children couldn’t help sharing their impressions with each other and couldn’t fall asleep for a long time recalling the minutes of joy they had.

Olya Zenich:
 “I liked those dolphins so much! They were dancing and singing, they were making some tricks with people… The seals also were singing, playing with balls, clapping with their flippers. It seemed to me that the dolphins were as smart as humans…”

Sasha Zenich:
 “During the performance I wanted to dive in to the pool and to participate in the show. I’ve never seen dolphins before. I loved it!”

The trip was made due to the charity of the leadership of  the Donetsk dolphinarium “Nemo”.