11 – year-old Roma Kim – a champion of Mariupol in boxing

Roma Kim ( 11 years old) from the center of children’s rehabilitation “Republic “ Pilgrim” has become a city champion in boxing. “ I was praying before going to the ring for God to give me will power and strength to win. He always answers my prayers”. – a young boxer assures.

Roma Kim has been going in for boxing for 4 years. He liked this kind of sports from very beginning as soon as he’s tried:

“At first I didn’t listen to the coach, didn’t warn to take it seriously, just had fun. But afterwards my laziness has gone and my character has become more solid. I have my training 5 times a week 90 minutes each. I’ve got more active life now and I protect those who are younger. And besides, boxing can ultimately help me to be enrolled in a college or University. I would recommend to children to choose a kind of sports they really like, it will help them to become braver and more self-confident”.

His gold Roma won in the weigh category. 3 one- minute rounds,  and he is a champion of Mariupol:

“I was losing in the first round, it was very hard but I did it. After the second round my opponent refused to go on fighting. When I won I felt so good and easy. I was worrying so much before the fight, – Roma shared. But then I could breathe with a relief”. 

Roma Kim has a courageous dream – to be an Olympic champion, It is a long way but for those who take their first steps towards their dream at the age of 7 the chances are big enough.