Evangelism on a soccer stadium in jails.

In early May in the colony of settlement for condemned in Mariupol the soccer match took place between the members of the Church of Good Changes and condemned. Crushing score 9:2 to the benefit of hosting team made pastor Gennadiy to demand revenge.

Before the match pastor Gennadiy performed the Service and after altogether prayer he gave the gifts from the church – a ball and T-shirts to the opponents. The team of the condemned showed a good game; – already in 15 minutes of the first half the score was 6:0 to the benefit of hosts. Ultimately, the match was over with the score 9:2. The match- revenge is planned to be taken on the professional stadium if the colony’s administration will let it happen. The manager of the colony expressed his desire to let 10 people come to the Sunday Service of the Church of Good Changes weekly.

According to the leader of the prison ministry in the Charity Fund “Pilgrim” Eduard Tiomny the given event can be called “Evangelism on a soccer stadium”. The ministers plan on keeping on building bridges, leading condemned to the Lord in different ways, including sports and creative work. Among the nearest plans there is an organization of the championship in chess as well as the contest in carving.